Flickr’s approach to polysemy: clusters

Some words (tags) have more than one meaning. Flickr now let you see the different meanings of tags. Some examples: jaguar (the car, the animal), bush (the president, the flower (greeny), the tree, the graffiti/art on bush the president), europe (france, italy, travel, germany), hot (summer and heat, red and pepper, sexy and woman, water and wet, fire and flame), turkey (the country, the food, the holiday), white (flower and nature, clouds and sky, snow and cold, light), tiger (the MacOSX interface, the animal), cameraphone (pictures of cameraphone, pictures taken with cameraphone, the food (probably a very often photoed object), the cat (probably a very often photoed object)), freedom (sky and free, peace, bird), sadly one of the clusters of italy is church.
Description of this new feature at Flickr Blog along with another new feature: interestingness.

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