World Social Forum 2007 WebTV

My friends of Ymir are currently in Nairobi (Kenya) operating the WebTV of the World Social Forum 2007. Thanks to their work, it is possible to get an idea of what is going on in Nairobi.
The original idea was to broadcast the entire Forum live but they are having great problems in getting an ASDL connections, even if all the agreements were ready before they left for Nairobi. So at the moment you can watch a lot of recorded interviews. They are still working for getting an ASDL connection or more. And don’t worry, most of the videos are in English and just a few are in Italian. It is a pity they decided to use QuickTime format so that I’m having troubles watching the video on my Ubuntu Linux box but, as I said, they had more basic problems to think about until now such as the connection. So, don’t wait, go to
[via Trentino Cooperazione]

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