“The Implications of OpenID” presentation

Simon does a great job in explaining what is OpenID, what problems does it solve, what can you do with an OpenID and providing answers to a lot of other questions you wanted to know and never dared to ask about.
The presentation is composed by 178 extremely clear and informative slides, pure gold really!

A very important slide is #109: “Why is OpenID worth implementing over all the other identity standards?” Answer:

  • It’s simple
  • Unix philosophy: It solves one, tiny problem
  • It’s a dumb network
  • Many of the competing standards are now on board

Check OpenID, it is really simple, that’s why I think it will work. Making gnuband.org an OpenID URL took 3 minutes, now I can login in sites using gnuband.org as OpenID: no more need to remember a nick/password pair for every site and no more risk someone “steals” your preferred nickname.

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