Reading a book on Google Books and deciding not to buy it

Today my attention got caught by the title of the book Networks, Trust, and Social Capital: Theoretical And Empirical Investigations from Europe. I then found it on Google Books. It is the first time I read a book on Google Books, it is really great, for this book there are most of the scanned pages (I would say 150 out of 239 pages) so I was able to “read” the book by simply scrolling extremely fast with my mouse over the almost entire book. In this way I was able to decide that I’m not interested in buying and reading it. But what I would have done in a pre-GoogleBooks era? I would have thought “well, based on the title there should be at least one or two articles interesting for me, go and buy it” and I would have wasted some euros for a book I would have not read. Is the present situation better from a consumer point of view? Of course it is. Google Books or any similar program is helping in sharing knowledge and making informed decisions and this is what every author at the end really wants.

5 thoughts on “Reading a book on Google Books and deciding not to buy it

  1. Folletto Malefico

    A little correction, at least about myself: what I’d lose was my time, not my money, since to buy that book I had to go to a library and see it, before buying.

    So, with software like Google Books, I gain more time and nobody else loses nothing (no money before, no money after).

  2. paolo Post author

    Yep, that’s true but I know some people that decide to buy a book simply based on what they read online and after few minutes (still at their computers) they are on Amazon (or better with BookBurro clicking the infamous “buy with one click” button ;-)
    I think this kind of behaviour will become more and more common.

  3. paolo Post author

    Thanks Reza for letting me know. I participated in the survey, interesting survey and it is always good to help other researchers ;-)
    Yes, please, send me a copy of the previous study on trust and blogs. Thanks!

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