Looking for a PhD student for a project on collective memory building.

There is the opportunity for a 3-years PhD scholarship at the University of Trento working with my group on Web2.0 and social networking at FBK. The specific project that is funding the scholarship is about collective building of memory, roughly speaking, about how a community can share and build their collective memory (based on old stories, photos, videos, …) and how Web2.0 tools can support the process. The idea is to offer a contract for around 8 months with the research institute I work on and, if we like each other, to start the PhD.
If you are interested please send me an email: massa AT fbk DOT eu (if I don’t reply, it is because your email ended up in spam, please try to find other ways to contact me).

4 thoughts on “Looking for a PhD student for a project on collective memory building.

  1. Lucas Manuel Bietti

    Dear Paolo,

    I am writing to you because of the job opportunity you are offering at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler. I am currently a PhD student in Linguistic Communication and Multilingual Mediation at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. Since September 2007 I have been working developing his PhD research project about the discursive reconstruction and uses of collective memory in Argentina under the supervision of Professor Teun van Dijk in Barcelona.

    You may further information about my project on the following link:


    If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me

    I am looking forward to hear from you

    Best wishes

    Lucas Manuel Bietti

  2. paolo Post author

    Your profile is very very interesting and your activity very relevant for our project!
    Unfortunately we have already found someone for that position (Michela, see http://ewakuacyjna.blogspot.com/ ) but the Live Memories project is large and it is 3 years long and just started.
    I passed your contact to other people involved in the project that focus even more on computational Linguistic. Did they contact you?

    About Barcelona, there is also Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Director of the Yahoo! Research labs at Barcelona, who came to our kickoff meeting and we might work with him and Flickr/Yahoo! folks too, so I might come to Barcelona to see you as well! ;)

    Or you might come to Trento to give a seminar about what you have been doing at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. That would be extremely interesting for us. What about that?
    Let me know, and thanks for your comment!!!

  3. Lucas Manuel Bietti

    Hi Paolo,

    I sent you this email almost a month ago.

    Many thanks for your email and your so enthusiastic comments on my work. I haven’t received any feedback from the people you mentioned working on computational linguistics.

    Actually I’ve been developing a model of collective memory builder of sociopolitical identities. In other words, my interdisciplinary research is focused on issues such as memory, social cognition, emotions, discourse and so on. I’m making an attempt to integrate different approaches on collective memory based on the interplay of emotions, schemata for information processing, social categorisation processes and political and social contexts.
    So far, it is applied to my case study in Argentina. I send you attached the model I’ve been developing. Now I’m trying to find some discursive evidence from my already collected empirical data in order to show how the model works.

    From December to February 2009 I will be conducting focus groups and interviews in Argentina. So, if everything is on the right track we can try to arrange a visit to Trento in February or March.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you



  4. Lucas Manuel Bietti

    Hi Paolo,

    Some time in March (I don’t know exactly when) I’ll move to Sydney to continue my doctoral research at Macquarie University because there are some people there who have been being developing a great work on memory studies. However, Live Memories Project seems to be really interesting that’s why I’d to offer me as a kind of external collaborator. What do you think?

    Many thanks



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