Still looking for a PhD student for LiveMemories project

There is the opportunity for a 3-years PhD scholarship at the University of Trento working with my group (SoNet) on Web2.0 and social networking at Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento. Please, consider contacting me about it!
The project you will work on is LiveMemories (, Active Digital Memories of Collective Life. From the project web site:

From a scientific / technical perspective, LiveMemories aims at scaling up content extraction techniques towards very large scale extraction from multimedia sources, setting the scene for a Content Management Platform for Trentino; using this information to support new ways of linking, summarizing and classifying data in a new generation of digital memories which are `alive’ and user-centered; and to turn the creation of such memories into a communal web activity. Achieving these objectives will make Trento a key player in the new Web Science Initiative, digital memories, and Web 2.0, thanks also to the involvement of Southampton. But LiveMemories is also intended to have a social and cultural impact besides the scientific one: through the collection, analysis and preservation of digital memories of Trentino; by facilitating and encouraging the preservation of such community memories; and the fostering of new forms of community, and enrichment of our cultural and social heritage.

Our involvement is about how Web2.0 tools can support a community in this collective building of memory. The idea is to offer a contract at FBK for around 8 months with the research institute I work on and, if we like each other, to start the PhD. If you are interested please send me an email: massa AT fbk DOT eu (if I don’t reply, it is because your email ended up in spam, please try to find other ways to contact me).

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