Links for 2009 07 12

  • Facebook | Social Data Revolution
    Andreas Weigend, Former Chief Scientist at, teaches a course on Social Data Revolution at Stanford and at Berkeley and put the two classes in competition on "How to acquire and retain an active online community using metric-based decisions on Facebook Pages"!
    My oh my! How much I would like to attend this class!?!
    Mankind is transformed by the data created by individuals. Information overload has become more serious than ever. Social discovery is the new search. What applications can we build to create relevant meaning in our lives?

  • The Trunk Club For Men: get help with clothes shopping
    A real woman helps you figure out which clothes to buy via Skype video call, you receive the clothes at home, you pay only what you like to keep, send back for free the rest! Men only!

  • Hawala – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Hawala (also known as hundi) is an informal value transfer system based on the performance and honor of a huge network of money brokers, which are primarily located in the Near East, North and Northeast Africa, and South Asia. I give money to an hawaladar A asking to give it to target Z, hawaladar B gives it to hawaladar C, (…), hawaladar T gives it to target Z. No record of anything, just based on trust (honor system). Amazing! And working! Similar to what was to make possible electronically and decentralized! Amazing!

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