Links for 2009 07 20

  • Obama’s data and Clarke’s first law » Contrordine compagni
    Vivek Kundra, the first-ever White House Chief Information Officer, time ago switched the District’s 38,000 employees from Microsoft Office to Google Apps.
    Now on Wired he shares his vision on all federal data release in a machine-readable, user-rateable and taggable form. Fascinating!

    Towards the end of the interview, almost as a side to the main topic, the interviewer asks this question:

    As CTO of Washington, you moved tens of thousands of employees from Microsoft Office to Google Apps to save money. Part of your new agenda is shifting the government to cloud computing and using free software. How will that happen?

  • The future of scholarship? Harvard goes digital with Scribd – Ars Technica
    "Today, with the announcement that Harvard University Press will publish 1,000 digitized books on Scribd, the academic world took one more step in its glacially slow march into the digital age." I liked the word "Glacially"! ;)

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