First day at Sunbelt

The first day of Sunbelt is finished: it was very hot … meaning there were some problems with conditioning air not working ;)
I met some cool people: in particular
(1) Mathieu Bastian of Gephi, great open source program for visualization of networks,
(2) Jure Leskovec of Stanford, hands-down best talk up to now, who spoke about “Predicting Positive and Negative Links in Online Social Networks”, work on Wikipedia, Slashdot and Epinions signed social networks (they even cited me in the paper and used the Epinions trust network I made available time ago on!),
(3) Filippo Menczer of Indiana University, whose great Scholarometer widget I recently embedded on my blog and who is doing many different great works.

Some people are using the hashtag #sunbelt on Twitter, you might enjoy posts tagged as #sunbelt as made visible by visibletweets (iframed below)

Last point, I’m at Sunbelt with my colleagues in the SoNet group, Michela Ferron and Asta Zelenkauskaite. Tomorrow we will present two recent works: one about
social networks in Wikipedia, the other about social capital and enterprise2.0 platform usage.

Now back to finish the slides …

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