Scopophobia of Jimmy Wales

The previous images is a screenshot from Wikipedia about “Scopophobia” defined, in a 1906 journal, as “a fear of seeing people or being seen, especially of strange faces.” ;)
Note: Jimbo Wales big face is on top of every Wikipedia page in these days, asking donations. Actually I think his message is really touching so please consider in donating to Wikipedia.
(via morail tweet who retweeted Schmelkes)

One thought on “Scopophobia of Jimmy Wales

  1. paolo Post author

    Very interestingly Wikimedia foundation have tested many different banners and makes available data about which are effective in term of percentage of donations and average amount donated. W00t! ;)

    They also make available a tool for visualizing donations in real time!

    Some days ago I also downloaded a csv file with every donation (anonimyzed) made to Wikimedia since 2008 from (but the site seems not accessible now)

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