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“Send your data, we will discover the hidden patterns” or Google Machine Learning Prediction API

Wow! The Google Prediction API enables access to Google’s machine learning algorithms to analyze your historic data and predict likely future outcomes. Upload your data to Google Storage for Developers, then use the Prediction API to make real-time decisions in your applications. The Prediction API implements supervised learning algorithms as a RESTful web service to let you leverage patterns in your data, providing more relevant information to your users. Run your predictions on Google’s infrastructure and scale effortlessly as your data grows in size and complexity.
* Language identification
* Customer sentiment analysis
* Product recommendations & upsell opportunities
* Message routing decisions
* Diagnostics
* Document and email classification
* Suspicious activity identification
* Churn analysis
* And many more…

Kiva, the distributed micro loan platform, just released a new API, and social network analysis sprang up

kiva apiVia Ajaxian I come to know that Kiva, the distributed micro loan platform, has just released a new developer API that gives third parties access to create innovative applications on top of the platform! I’m investing 100 dollars in Kiva since some years (my Kiva lender profile) and I found it a neat idea! If you don’t know what Kiva is, check this video about Kiva, there is also a Kiva Facebook application.

And the amazing guys behind “How We Know Us – Investigating, discussing, and measuring social capital” already started poking at the data available with the hypothesis network analysis will be able to help predict rates of return! Check
the image of the complete(?) network of relationships between the recipients and the lenders and the partners.

Go play with the new KIVA API!

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