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The IT Crowd, nerdiness and people you might want to stay away from ;)

I received the following message in Facebook: “Don’t work too hard! Is this what you do at work all day?” With a link to the first episode of the IT Crowd. So I thought I might embed episode 1 below. Enjoy!

You might also search for the other episodes of The It Crowd.

If you don’t ROFL (Roll On Floor Laughing) watching “The IT crowd”, don’t worry, we are a subculture and it is much better for yourself if you don’t understand this kind of jokes ;)
Usually during one of the first lectures at the University, I’m used to project full screen the following image “There is no place like”
No place like
and observing students telling nothing. The class can be divided in two: students who get the joke (and usually start smiling by themselves with self-complacency, self thinking “we are in the same crowd”) and those who don’t get it. And I usually tell people who cannot get it to stay away from people who get it ;) And this also gives me an index of the nerdiness level I should keep during the lectures.
By the way, the “There is no place like” t-shirt might be a good present for me, just to let you know of course … ;)