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International Forum on Enterprise2.0, June 25th 2008, Varese

Enterprise 2.0 comes to Italy: the International Forum

My friend Emanuele Quintarelli organized an amazing International Forum on Enterprise2.0, June 25th 2008, in Varese. Participation is free but you have to register.
The programme looks very interesting and every speech will be available both in English and in Italian.

Enterprise 2.0 has been widely recognized as a radical shift in the way organizations work. A mean for improving performance, reducing costs, moving towards an informal way of learning, supporting innovation and building engagement and motivation.
Collaborative, informal, emerging models – wikis, blogs, social networks, tagging, prediction markets – have been disseminating passion and a new mindset all over the world, opening up unexpected sources of competitive advantage. Innovation breaks down old paradigms and marks a path of change from: top-down to distributed approaches, from closed to open and interconnected models, from rigid control to flexibility and adaptivity, from a hierarchical to a starfish-like organization.

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