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Differences in Wikipedia pages about “Vietnam War” (English vs Vietnamese)

Just a quick play: below I embedded the page about Vietnam war from English Wikipedia and the translation in English of the page about Vietnam war from Vietnamese Wikipedia. (click here to open just the page embedding the 2 pages).

Would be interesting to automatically check the differences in how different communities (in this case defined by the language) represent the same concepts.
For example the beginning of the article from the Vietnamese wikipedia (automatically translated) says: In Vietnam, newspapers still use the name of resistance against American for just this war, [9] as well as to distinguish it from other wars that happened in Vietnam when anti- French , anti- Japanese , anti- Mongolia , against China. Some people [10] feels not name the U.S. invasions of neutrality by the war also reflects elements of a civil war; [10] that some other name for the Vietnam War reflected the views of West rather than the people living in Vietnam. [10] The name of this war is still a matter of controversy. But now scholars in and outside Vietnam have gradually accepted the name “Vietnam War” because of its international nature.

from English Wikipedia

from Vietnamese Wikipedia (translated in English with Google)