Recommender Systems conference in Minneapolis

I’ll be in Minneapolis for the Recommender Systems 2007 from October 18th until October 22nd presenting a paper titled Trust-aware Recommender Systems which is a summary of a part of my PhD thesis. I’ll be hosted by Renee, couchsurfing as usual. If you are around and would like to discuss anything, let me know, k? See you soon, on the other side of the pond!

3 thoughts on “Recommender Systems conference in Minneapolis

  1. frate ena

    come back soon, my dear!
    behave properly and don’t do anything you wouldn’t with me!

    frate enz

  2. paolo Post author

    Thanks mb!
    I printed the paper and I’m going to read it, from the abstract I can say it is very interesting.
    A pity your article didn’t cite me! ;-)

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